Music Lessons

AP School of Music and Arts offers violin, piano, guitar, theory lessons in-group and private setting to all ages and levels.

Private Lessons

One on one lesson is considered private lesson. We offer private lessons for everyone, all ages from 5 and for all levels. Our teachers will customized lessons based on each student’s interest and personal goal. We offer lessons in varies styles such as Classical, Jazz, Pop and modern music follow the Royal Conservatory of Music Programs, or a customized program that fits the student’s learning. Students will benefit from individual attention, learning not only how to play the instrument, but to understand the theory of music, strengthen their skills in reading music and techniques in playing the instrument. We give our students the opportunity to do exams, participate in music competitions and perform in professional concerts every year.

Group Lessons

After many years of teaching and researching, we learned that children from the age of 4 to 8 learn better in group classes. We carefully plan each of our group lesson smartly to help children enjoy the class as much as possible, while benefiting from playing in ensemble, singing, reading and playing music as a class. We proudly to build a strong foundation for each of our students and help them to become well-rounded musicians.

Concert & Registration fee: $35.00

This one time per year fee is for registration and concerts. This fee includes 2 professional concerts throughout the year and all materials that will be used in class; such as metronome, magnet board, exercise music sheets and etc. This is a non-refundable fee and is collected before the school year begins (The end of June)


Payment Methods:

Cash, Cheque or Email Transfer are accepted. Students who wish to continue taking lessons at the studio will need to submit their post-dated cheques for each month from September to June, unless the students choose to pay for the whole school year all at once. An additional $10.00 will be added to the fee for every bounced (NSF) cheque.

Withdrawal Policy:

Notice of withdrawal must be given at least 4 lessons in advance. This 4 lessons fee from the date of the notice is non-refundable. Any remaining balance will be refunded, except concert and registration fees.

Cancellation and Make-up Lesson Policy:

Cancellation notice must be given in a minimum of 24 hours ahead. Make-up lesson will be scheduled in the following week or later time within the school year (September to June). Lesson is considered taken if the notice is given less than 24 hours. Each student is allowed to have maximum 2 make up lessons per semester and 4 per school year. Teachers are responsible to arrange make up lessons for the students as soon as cancellation notices are received.

2018-2019 School Calendar:

September 5th: First day of classes

December 21 – January 3: Christmas and New Year break

March 28 – April 4: Springbreak

June 24-30: Last day of classes

* Other than the date listed above, there are no other holiday breaks, such as Victoria days, Family Days and etc.